A passionate Software Engineer continuing to develop into the future.

Quick Facts

Grew up in Alaska and Mexico

Grew up in a town of ~250 in Alaska, and spent a couple months each year in Mexico, even getting a diploma from a secondary school in Mazatlán, Mexico.

Later spent a decade in South Dakota, and now living in Denver, CO!

  • Fluent in English

  • Conversational proficiency in Spanish


Spent a year of my life dedicated to teaching myself programming, database technologies, web design, web development, IT skills, tech, tools, and more.

Failed at learning these technologies many times, but was able to develop proven mental models for learning on my own.

With the support of a
magnificent woman, I was able to bounce back even stronger and re-learn the technologies that I had previously failed.

Through th
e above challenges I have gained:

  • An adaptability to change

  • Constant education through self-learning

  • Ability to thrive in a remote role

  • Strong, analytical problem-solving

Hobbies and Interests

Things I love:

Hands-on Software Engineering Experience

Became interested in programming when it clicked that anyone could make anything they wanted using free technologies, giving anyone the freedom to do anything they dreamed of.

Since that point I have held a variety of positions and have collected diverse experience in Software Engineering.

See all of my projects here or on my GitHub page.